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keekir has one of the finest customer service I've personally experienced. While products might be available elsewhere, I will personally be coming back because of their excellent service. Thanks guys! Sorry for the tonne of questions. Lol. 

Jacob S

Wow, this is one of the best online home stores I have been to. Easy navigation and lovely designs. Had some issues with my order but the customer service was top-notched. Highly recommended.

Melissa J

I am in love with the butter cutter I got from keekir. Simple and yet handy. Thank you keekir, for making my online shopping experience so pleasant.

Belinda L

It was my first time ordering from anywhere apart from Amazon and Walmart. I must commend that the customer service officer Cheryl was very patient and helpful in answer every single question I had. I got a brownie tray set and am very happy with it. I am using it to bake not just my brownie, but my cheesecake as well. Thanks Cheryl!

Kayla M

Very good shopping experience! Wide variety of products, and the customer service never fails to amaze me with how responsive they are. I am very particular with service, and if I think they did a good job, they must have done an SUPERB job. Keep it up! I love the 4 cushions I got from you! They are simply beautiful.

Nina A

I am in love with the pan mat that I got from you guys. Solves all the problems I had with food sticking while grilling and pan frying. Non-stick means I had a breeze cleaning up. Thanks!

Rebecca B

I got a pyramid pan for my mum and she loves it so much! It makes me happy whenever she comments that she doesn't have to worry about scrubbing the trays anymore. I just bought a burger patty maker too and cannot wait to use it.